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Total service from A to Z

Lunado Group B.V. delivers sign and display products to resellers in over 20 countries, both within and outside Europe. This means we are an international market leader and since 1993 we have developed to become the company offering the largest sign and display product range in Europe. Thanks to our size and work method we offer the most competitive price-quality ratio in the industry and we offer a total service including advice, delivery and assembly.

Ask about the possibilities

Customisation advice from the start

Whether it’s about advertising agencies, printers, sign makers or stand builders: Lunado is there with customisation advice from the very start for all resellers in the sign and display industry. We can provide you with professional advice when you are looking for banner systems, Zippit™ Tubeframes, exhibition systems, fabric frames, snap frames, display systems, pavement signs, flags or tubeclamps. Together with you we examine your wishes and seek the best way to have them come true.


Flexible and precise delivery

Lunado has the largest range of sign and display products in Europe. This results not only in a large and diverse webshop , but also offers you the chance to receive your deliveries in a flexible and precise way. Does a standard delivery not meet your needs? If not, and if possible, Lunado will be happy to provide the customisation needed to achieve your wishes.

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