About us

About us

At Lunado we believe in the way forward. In opportunities rather than limits. Where others see a problem, we are already seeking a solution. We do this from the most beautiful city in the Netherlands: Rotterdam. A city of doers, go-getters and innovators. A city that became great and global through trade. This no-nonsense mind-set is part of our DNA and has enabled us to develop into a market leader in the international sign and display industry.

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How we can help you

Lunado has worked on innovative solutions for the sign and display sector since 1993. Our strength lies in the fact that we are always one step ahead of the market. We achieve this through constant innovation and by delivering premium quality products. We also guarantee customized advice from an early stage, flexible delivery and assembly, and the most competitive price-quality product range in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What we deliver

We deliver high-quality products to advertising agencies, printers, sign makers, stand builders and other resellers. We deliver, among other things, banner and exhibition systems, textile frames, clip frames, display products, pavement advertising, flags and tubeclamps.

We export to resellers in over 20 countries, both within and outside Europe.

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Please note: we only deliver to resellers.

Action, not words

We could tell you lots more about our services, but we would much rather simply get down to work for you. In Rotterdam we believe that you have only really achieved something when you have put your words into action.

Lunado. Actions speak louder than words.

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