Tuscany Counters

This promotional desk in Tuscany is a lightweight plastic desk that can be set up very quickly and easily. It is the ideal promo counter to have a nice affordable exposure at any location. Comes with transport bag.
Total size: W 81 x H 205 x D 47 cm
Front panel size: W 83 x H 85 cm (1x)
Dimension of side panel: W 41 x H 85 cm (2x)
Back panel size: W 9 x H 85 cm (2x)
Size of top plate: B 77 x H 28 cm
Table top / bottom plate dimensions: B 81 x H 47 cm
System specifications
Weight (kg) 7.7
Color White
Material PP/ABS/PVC
Shape Straight
Width (cm) 81
Height (cm) 205
Depth (cm) 47
Print specifications
Visible printsides 1
General additional specifications
Top Board - Height (cm) 28
Top Board - Width (cm) 77

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