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Type FP1 Round Tubefittings

Flag Pole Holder. New in our assortment are the flagpole holders. This flag pole holder ensures that your flag is at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the flag can wave proudly.
  6080FP1 6080FP1-PZ
System specifications
Size C (33.7 mm) C (33.7 mm)
Type Flagstaff Holder Flagstaff Holder
Specifications tubefittings
Size C C
Weight (kg) 0.59 18.88
Diameter (") 1 1
Amount in box 32 32
Masterbox specifications
Width (cm) 26 26
Height (cm) 25 25
Depth (cm) 34 34
General additional specifications
Measurements screw 3/8” x 12,7 mm 3/8” x 12,7 mm

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