Type 146 Round Tubefittings

Galv. Heavt Duty Side Palm. Extra heavy fascia attachment for vertical posts. This clamp is not suitable for continuous tubes. Intended for the manual attachment of safety rails and balustrades to the walls, parapets, stairs and ramps with flat mounting.
  608146C 608146C-PZ 608146D 608146D-PZ 608146E 608146E-PZ
System specifications
Size C (33.7 mm) C (33.7 mm) D (42.4 mm) D (42.4 mm) E (48,3 mm) E (48,3 mm)
Type Side Palm Side Palm Side Palm Side Palm Side Palm Side Palm
Specifications tubefittings
Size C C D D E E
Weight (kg) 0.96 14.4 1.19 17.85 1.18 23.6
Diameter (") 1 1
Amount in box 15 15 15 15 20 20

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