Bergamo Exhibition Frames

This type of presentation walls is constructed from tube fittings in combination with aluminium or steel tubes. This modular system allows you to create any model you wish. These exhibition frames are available in all possible sizes, measurements and versions. This merely features a few examples. If you want to create your own presentation wall with these tubefittings. Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made offer!

Frames are constructed with 3 mm aluminum tube and tube fittings.
Prices of the frames do not include bungee cords and exclusive print.

Other sizes on request. Specified dimensions are based on cloth size, the outer size of the frame is therefore automatically 26 cm larger.
  6930-200200 6930-250200 6930-300200
System specifications
Weight (kg) 32 46 50
Color Silver Silver Silver
Profile (mm) 48 48 48
Print specifications
Total Size Width (cm) 200 250 300
Total Size Height (cm) 200 200 200
Specifications tubes
Size E E E
Diameter (mm) 48 48 48
Wall Thickness (mm) 3 3 3
Lighting (Option) 1 1 1

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